Zhidao Chuangyu helping the safe development of iquant blockchain project

ecently, the encrypted digital currency platform iquant cooperated with Zhidao Chuangyu in the field of blockchain security. Zhidao Chuangyu provides professional penetration testing services for iquant, simulating the technical means of international business hackers, finding business system vulnerabilities, and assisting with repairs to support iquant's safer development in the blockchain field.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, iquant is built by world-renowned financial institutions and top-level quantitative teams. It mainly provides currency trading, derivatives and smart investment services for blockchain projects with unicorn potential. At the same time, it integrates investors, media, funds, experts, incubators and other resources to create a blockchain ecosystem.

The iquant digital asset platform started the creating mining on September 5, and official mining began on September 13. The participation was hot and attracted more than 1000 global miners from 60 countries. The trading volume surged to No.1 immediately.

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