Notice about the team’s burned out of 8% (30 million) IQC

Dear user:
       Since the opening of trading mining, iquant has been popular among global miners. For the long-term stable development of iquant, after careful decision by iquant team, today at 5:50 AM ((UTC+8) on September 25 2018) 8% (30 million) IQC was burned out again to reduce the circulation and dividends of IQC pto demonstrate to the iquant community the team's determination to do practical things.

       As a new generation of community consensus autonomy trading platform, iquant still has many shortcomings to optimize. We accept the supervision and guidance of all users, thank you for your understanding and support of iquant!

Risk warning: The digital currency is fluctuating violently, please ask investors to look at value and risk rationally. Trading is risky and participation is cautious!

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