A notice about the guessing game’s coming hot online

Dear users:

       The widely expected guessing game is expected to be launched on September 26, 2018, and users are welcome to take an active part in it. 50% of the revenue from the guessing game will be used to repurchase and destroy IQC, and the other 50% will be used as dividends for IQC holders.

Specific rules of the game are as follows:

1. Users participating in guessing forecast the price’s rise, level and fall of BTC/USDT in the then guessing cycle.

2. The guessing has three options, namely, rising, leveling and falling.

3. The duration of each guess is based on current activity. We will judge whether the price of BTC/USDT will rise, level or fall according to the opening price of BTC/USDT at the beginning of each period of the game and the closing price of BTC/USDT after the game.

4. The minimum bet for each guessing is 0.01USDT, and the maximum bet is not restricted. Change of options or quit will be not allowed after participating in the guessing.

5. After the announcement of the results of each guessing, the winners will divide all the USDTs in the pool according to the bet ratio (the platform draws 2% as the service fee, 1% of which is used for IQC repurchase and destruction, 1% is used as dividends to distribute to the users who hold the platform coin), and the losers will not receive any reward.

Note: The opening price and closing price are based on the CoinMarketCap’s K line chart data. If there is any delay or change, the guessing activity will be regarded as an automatic abandonment. The platform will return all the USDT bets made by the participants.

Risk warning: The digital currency is fluctuating violently, please ask investors to look at value and risk rationally. Trading is risky and participation is cautious!

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