Notice about the new version of guess game

Guessing rule

1. The users participating in the competition forecast the price rise, flat and fall of BTC,EHT,LTC and so on.

2. Guess to open three options, respectively, up, flat, down;

3. The countdown to the current activity shall prevail. According to the opening price of each period and closing price difference to judge the rise, flat, down. (example: opening price 6403.23 closing price 6422.86 judgment result is rising, opening price 6502.64 closing price 6492.69 decision result is falling, opening price 6552.43 closing price 6552.43 decision result is equal.)

4. The effective betting time of each period is the countdown of the current active bet;

5. The minimum number of bets per issue is subject to the current activity page. Will not be able to change the option or exit after participating in the contest;

6. After the results of each issue are published, the winners divide the total prize pool according to the proportion of the bets.There is no prize for guessing losers

7. The platform fee will be subject to the activity page. The IQC charged by the game fee will be destroyed 100%, and the other currencies charged will be used to buy back and destroy the IQC.

8. Iquant reserves the right to adjust the above rules and reserve the final interpretation of the rules.

OKEX BTC: https: / / futureTrade.futureIndex? CurrencyId=0&index=1

OKEX ETH: https: / / futureTrade.futureIndex? CurrencyId=2&index=1

OKEX LTC: https: / / futureTrade.futureIndex? CurrencyId=1&index=1

OKEX BCH: https: / / futureTrade.futureIndex? CurrencyId=5&index=1

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