Free listing on iquant, dare to challenge?

Dear friends, since the launch of iquant exchange, every day we can get lots of projects applying for listing. Although we only charge little listing fee, but for most of the projects and teams still in their early stage, its a little hard to afford.

We've been talking about this for a long time because we don't want good projects to be killed because of the lack of money.

So we made an important decision. We decided to launch the free listing, hoping to offer an opportunity for projects that have good community but not enough money.

The first round will start from now on, and ends on 20:00pm April 15, 2018. If the number of projects reaches the up limit, signing up will end.

Activity rules:

1. Free Listing Requirements

This activity adopts “Point System”, whose time period is two weeks. The top 5 projects in the total points list which are well-qualified will be listed for free on iquant exchange.

2. Points adding rule

1) Project will get 5 points when people in their community registered and activated their accounts through the project’s referral link;

2) Project will get 100 points when those registered users deposit any token that worth 0.05BTC or more than this;

3) Project will get 1000 points when those registered users trade any token and the trade volume reaches 0.2BTC (including both buying and selling);

4) Each real and effective user can only add 1105 points for the project;

5) It is strictly forbidden to participate in activities through improper means. All the points will be invalid if this is found by us.

3. Participating process

1) Fill the listing form;

2) Waiting for the audit of the iquant exchange;

3) Getvthe referral link from the campaign page on iquant website;

4) The users bring points for the project using the referral link to register, deposit and trade;

5) At the end of the activity, iquant will arrange the listing.

For projects that don’t enter the top five, their points will be retained to next round of the activity. If they have emergent demand for listing, it can also contact iquant supporter to apply for listing.

As long as you can prove your value using your community foundation, we really don't charge any money!!! Please contact us to sign up!

Listing for Free

Telegram: @IquantSupporter_Shui


Apply for Listing

Telegram: @iquantSupporter