Dear users,

iquant will list DAGT token and open DAGT/BTC trading area. Other trade pairs will open later. Come and experience!

About time:

1. Time to deposit: 10:00am. July 12, 2018

2. Time to withdraw: 10:00am. July 12, 2018

3. Time to trade: 10:00am. July 14, 2018

About Commission:

1. Trade: 0.2%

2. Deposit: free

3. Withdraw: 10/per withdraw

About DAGT:

DAGTDigital Assets Guarantee Token ),DAGT is a leading decentralized platform which allows holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral for assets guarantee. Based on Ethereum and smart contract technologies, DAGT aims to utilize blockchain to build a transparent, efficient and distributed guarantee system which makes digital assets flow quickly.

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If you have any questions, please join our telegram group and contact @IquantSupporter_Shui.


1. Register, Invitation and Deposit:

10:00 12 July, 2018-10:00 19 July, 2018

2. Trade:

10:00 14 July, 2018-10:00 19 July2018

Campaign Rules:

1. Register and Invitation: (Budget:15000 DAGT)

(1) Newly registered people can get 10 DAGT airdrop tokens each;

(2) If you invite 1 friend to register on iquant, you can get 5 DAGT airdrop token;


a. All registered users will get the right for invitation. After the invited user finishing authentication, the user who invite him can get his deserved rewards;

b. The total budget for this part is 15,000 DAGT, which will be distributed according to registration time. First comer first get!

2. Deposit:


The total budget for this part is 74,500 DAGT, which will be distributed according to time order.

3. Trade:


a. All the rewards will be distributed after the campaign;

b. The total budget for this part is 10,500 DAGT.


1. Trade:0.2%

2. Deposit:0

3. Withdraw:10/ per withdraw

The total budget of this campaign is 100,000 DAGT.

All rights reserved by iquant about the campaign.

Iquant team

10 July, 2018

Iquant Comminity