In order to test the overall functions of our Trading is Mining system, ans secure the security of all miners in mining process, we decided to launch public testing. The public testing will be done in Mining special area. The details are as following:

Public Testing Participants: All iquant users

Testing Time: 2018.8.12 10002018.8.13  1800 (1 to 2 days)

Area: This testing is open only to the coins in Mining area(the Mining Area will be open before Public Testing, and the commissions in Mining are during testing is 0.);

Rewards Details:

1Top 10 of trading volume will be awarded with IQC:






2You can report all the bugs to iquant supporter during testing. If the bug is real, you will be awarded with 1000 IQC. For the same bug, only the first reporter will get rewards. The rewarding list will be published in testing group.

3The commission in Mining area is 0.

4Time for Signing Up: 2018.8.8 09:00

5The time of Rewards Distribution:5 days after the Trading is Mining Program starting.

6How to sign up

1Add supporter Wechat or join Telegram group



2Send your account to iquant supporter;

3Complete authentication and API according to guidance.

Welcome all the miners to sign up

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